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Condensed Maqui Berry Capsules 120Capsules x 6packs[KYO]

Condensed Maqui Berry Capsules 120Capsules x 6packs[KYO]

Item #: KYO-001
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120 Capsules(60g)x 6 packs

Product description"Maqui berry" is a type of berry originating from the Patagonia area in Chile, South America. It is a "super fruit" with polyphenol content 5 times that of Acai and 14 times that of blueberries. Furthermore, by combining it with Omega-3 fatty acids, perilla seed oil, flaxseed oil, and olive oil, all ingredients that are hot topics on TV and in magazines, this will assist you in maintaining your health and beauty.

Usage instructions Take 2-4 tablets a day with a glass of cold or lukewarm water.

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