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Amane Muskmelon (1.1 kg per melon and up) [ACA]

Amane Muskmelon (1.1 kg per melon and up) [ACA]

Item #: ACA-001
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This product  will be delivered via Kuroneko Yamato international refrigerated TA-Q-BIN

Product description

This excellent, ripe muskmelon has a rich, creamy sweetness, fragrant aroma, and juicy freshness.
Size: Amane Muskmelon (1.1 kg per melon and up)

The Amane is a fantastic muskmelon that was bred in the pursuit of excellent taste.
It is packed with milky, honey-like sweetness, and an elegant fragrance.

About the Amane Muskmelon
From a beautiful, artful melon to a tasty, fragrant melon
Muskmelons have been competing in terms of their artful beauty as the highest class of gifts, but at some point their most important aspects - taste and fragrance - began to be neglected. So, when we set out to create the ultimate melon, pursuing not a work of art but truly taste alone, what we came up with was the Amane Muskmelon.
We do not use any of the growth regulating chemicals that have come to be used due to the priority placed on appearance. Instead, our unique style is to harvest each and every one by assessing its individual ripeness.
We only contract with farmers who agree with this idea and who raise and deliver each individual Amane Muskmelon to us. So, production is very limited for this exquisite, rare gem.
Their small body is packed with a milky, honey-like sweetness and an elegant fragrance
While on the small side, Amane Muskmelons are perfectly ripened muskmelons that were created in pursuit of the best authentic melon taste. Features of the Amane Muskmelon include its mellow flavor and superb, milky sweetness that you experience when you take a bite. This exquisite taste will bring you a moment of happiness. Enjoy the delicate harmony between the aroma, sweetness, and texture of this new muskmelon to your heart's content.
The name "Amane" means "gift from the angels." This is because we believe that this elegant muskmelon's fragrance, sweetness, and texture have the power to soothe you and bring you happiness.

From the Editor
In the past, these were called "cream melons." It is said that they were dozens of times more fragrant than they are now, and that their sweetness was strong all the way to the rind. Experts held them in high esteem.
However, since they were not large and their markings were not beautiful, these melons vanished before they became common in the world.
Kageyama, a farmer, had a single-minded ambition to revive this fantastic melon. He finally found its seeds and through breeding and unique ripening technology, he was able to maintain the cream melon's distinctive features while improving them with a balance between fragrance, sweetness, and texture, ultimately creating the Amane Muskmelon. You can truly feel his commitment to his vision in this exquisite product. We hope you will give it a try.

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