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Silica Pure Blue[YSG]

Silica Pure Blue[YSG]

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Seven health benefits of silica (silicon)
1.Enhance metabolism Silica (silicon) is a nutrient required by all of the organs in the human body. It delivers necessary nutrients to every corner of cells and enhances metabolism.
2. Detox It has detoxifying effects, expelling wastes, toxins, and antibiotics that accumulate in the body.
3. Create strong blood vessels and repair damaged blood vessels Illness, aging, and reduced immunity are caused by aging capillaries.
4. Create collagen, the connective tissue between cells No matter how much collagen or hyaluronic acid you ingest, its effect will be reduced by half if you do not have enough silica (silicon).
5. Silicon is needed to create bone cells By ingesting silica (silicon) along with calcium and vitamin D, you can effectively generate bone cells.
6. Stop decomposition in the gut and improve the intestinal environment Oxidation and decomposition in the gut have significant impact on the health of the entire body.
7. Preventative effects through powerful enzyme removal Ingredients: Tap water or drinking water Diameter: 75 mm x Height: 215 mm Weight: 300 g Bottle contents: 450 ml Amount purified: 100l Materials: Resin (ABS, Tritan), silicon, stainless steel
Filter media: Silica ceramic balls, silver impregnated active carbon, fossilized coral, ion-exchange resin
Filter replacement frequency: every 100 l or every month
Cartridge replacement method: The entire stainless steel case is replaced. Each municipality handles used cartridges differently, but the cartridge should usually be disposed of with non-combustible garbage.

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