Rice from Japan, in a new form

Delivering Japan's rice to the world

Our mission is to convey extensively the passion of Japanese rice farmers to the world.
We hope to deliver Japanese rice in a new style to dining tables around the globe -- by packaging it in plastic bottles.

Cook up a storm of bliss

Rice is often thought of as dry food but in fact, it breathes just as "fresh foods" do. This means a chemical reaction between the nutrients in the rice and oxygen in the air. Thus Pebora paid specific attention to the fact that as the rice breathes, starch -- the source of its tastiness -- is decomposed and results in poorer quality of rice. By bottling freshly milled rice together with oxygen absorbers in sealed "PET" plastic bottles, Pebora is capable of minimizing the breathing and thus maintain the freshness of the rice. The products are bottled one by one with great care and our passion to enable customers to enjoy freshly milled rice in its best condition at all times.
Please enjoy rice from Japan whenever you like.

What's great about Pebora

1.Prewashed rice

Just rinse it lightly and it will be ready to be cooked into fluffy and delicious rice.

2.Freshness sealed in the bottle

Oxygen absorber included. By preventing oxidation, the rice is kept fresh with a long shelf life.

3.Convenient for storage

300g of rice (makes approx. four bowls of cooked rice) in each bottle.
Stored in PET bottles, the rice can be stored directly in the refrigerator as it is.

Oishii Japan customers can choose from two assorted packs of various carefully selected rice varieties.
Each pack contains 10 bottles.
Stored in PET bottles, the rice can be conveniently storied as it is in the refrigerator.
The pretty design on the packaging makes it a perfect choice for gifts.

Product content

Mori no kuma san
【Kumamoto: Mori no kuma san】

This tasty rice matches well with all kinds of dishes.
It has a soft and good texture as you chew, with a relatively strong stickiness and sweetness that spreads in the mouth.

【Niigata: Koshihikari】

Koshihikari produced in Uonuma is Japan's top rice brand.
Among them, those grown in Shiozawa is highly acclaimed and is well-known as premium rice.

【Hokkaido: Yumepirika】

Its thick grain offers just the right combination of stickiness and sweetness, making this rice irresistibly beautiful when freshly cooked.

【Yamagata: Tsuyahime】

This rice is glossy when cooked and presents a sweet aroma along with umami tastiness.
Highly recommended for those who favor white rice as it is.

Konotori hagukumu okome
【Hyogo:Tajima Koshihikari】

【Specially cultivated rice】 Produced as part of measures to create a natural habitat for "konotori" (white storks) that have been released back into the wild, this rice is human- and environmentally friendly. It was introduced at the "Milano Expo Japan Pavilion" during the Milano Expo in 2015.

Under the concept of "everything starts with rice,"
our mission is to lend a hand to everyone's enjoyable and delicious everyday life.

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