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Japan’s autumn foliage and splendid scenery[ADW]

Japan’s autumn foliage and splendid scenery[ADW]

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4K Video [HealingBlue] Autumn Leave -1 Set of 10 assorted postcards included.

★Enjoy 4K camera images of splendid autumn foliage★

Hundreds of Japanese maple, zelkova and other trees in the Asahiokakohan Ryokuchi Park along the shores of Lake Yamanaka turn into an array of beautiful foliage colors from around late October each year. At Shosenkyo Valley, the foliage spreading across the valley creates a sharp contrast with the ravine, while the mountains surrounding Lake Okutama also start changing colors as autumn approaches. 

Yamanaka Lakeside, Doshi Village, Shosenkyo Valley, Okutama, Lake Okutama

4K Video [HealingBlue] Healing Supurb View 6 Set of 10 assorted postcards included.

★Enjoy 4K camera images of beautiful scenery that helps you relax and refresh★

Relaxation for your family, relaxation for yourself. To nurture your child's inner serenity. Healing for the elderly, healing for the ill. For the exhausted minds and souls amid the hectic city lifestyle, enjoy a moment of 4K and magnificent scenery. Capturing the space in time as it is, these 4K camera images will draw the audience straight into mother nature.

Shakunage Bridge (Senjogahara), Takana (Iriomote Island), Boso (Chiba), Akigawa Valley North (Tokyo), Shiira River (Iriomote Island), Hirakubo Saki (Ishigaki Island), Nishihama Beach (Hateruma Island), Lake Yunoko (Oku-Nikko), Shade of Tree (Ishigaki Island), Sesoko Beach (Sesoko Island), Kohama Resort (Kohama Island), Family of Ducks (Lake Baragi), Mt. Fuji (Lake Motosu), Akigawa Valley South (Tokyo), Hamasaki Beach (Hateruma Island), Nishinohama Beach (Kuroshima Island), Kenwa Kyawan Beach (Kuroshima Island)

4K Video [HealingBlue] Waterfalls in Kanto Summer -2 Set of 10 assorted postcards included.

★Enjoy 4K camera images of Japan's famous waterfalls in Kanto★

Southern Kanto, which surrounds Mount Fuji, has a number of unique waterfalls. At the Nishizawa Gorge in Yamanashi Prefecture, there are a few falls with changing characteristics, whereas Kanagawa features both the gentle Yuhi Falls as well as the dynamic Loren Falls. Moreover, at the foot of Mt. Fuji flows the Shiraito Falls.

Loren Falls, Yuhi Falls, Shusui Falls, Nanatsugama Godan Falls, Sanju Falls, Sadaizumi Falls, Senga Falls, Jimba Falls, Otodome Falls, Shiraito Falls

High-resolution images can be enjoyed both on 4K televisions as well as Hi-Vision televisions.

- Videos in this disc can be replayed by chapter from the menu, as well as repeated on loop. ※Logo is not displayed for Blu-ray images.

- Video can be put on automatic replay for use as background video, adding color such as to parties with family and friends, when welcoming guests, or relaxing alone.

- Videos can be viewed in even finer resolution by setting the television's image mode to ""Dynamic"".

- A set of 10 postcards with images from the videos is included. Please use BD-R Blu-ray compatible player.

Planning & Distribution: adwise, Inc. SHARATA Author, Filming, Editing, Design: Arata Matsumoto


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