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Symbolic landmarks and southern islets in Japan[ADW]

Symbolic landmarks and southern islets in Japan[ADW]

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>4K Video [HealingBlue] Mount Fuji -1 Set of 10 assorted postcards included.

★Enjoy 4K camera images of gorgeous scenery of Mount Fuji, the symbol of Japan★

Mount Fuji stands almost in the center of Japan, facing the northern banks of Suruga Bay. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013. Born from the Earth's formation and history of mankind, this is an irreplacable gem that has been passed down the generations from the past to present. 

Views from Panorama Dai, from Lake Saiko, from Lake Motosuko, from Shiraito Falls, from Lake Tanukiko, from Lake Yamanakako, from Fumotoppara

4K Video [HealingBlue] Waterfalls in Kanto Summer -1 Set of 10 assorted postcards included.

★Enjoy 4K camera images of famous waterfalls in Kanto★

There are numerous waterfalls in the Nikko National Park area, most famously known for the Kegon Falls. At the Katashina Gorge in Gunma Prefecture, the Fukiwari Falls offers a magnificent scenery. Meanwhile in Nagano Prefecture, there is the Shiraito Falls which drops from a cliff where several hundreds of underground water bend and wind. The video is filled with refreshing images centering on waterfalls in northern Kanto. 

Kegon Falls, Yu Falls, Matsukura Falls, Kirifuri Falls, Arasaka Aioi Falls, Urami Falls, Fukiwari Falls, Hossawa Falls, Ryujin Falls, Shiraito Falls

4K Video [HealingBlue] Kohamajima Island, Yaejima Island Set of 10 assorted postcards included.

★Enjoy 4K camera images of the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful waters of Kohamajima, one of the smaller islands of the Yaeyama Archipelago★

Kohamajima, as part of the Yaeyama Archipelago, is a tiny island even by Okinawa standard -- just 16 km in circumference and with a population of about 570 people. Meanwhile, it has large scale resort facilities and attracts more than 150,000 visitors each year. It is a tranquil little island with endless sugar cane fields and many astounding beaches in sight.

Tumal Beach, Kohamajima Beach Resort, Haimurubushi Beach, Sugarcane Field, Straight Footpath, Grazing Hill

"High-resolution images can be enjoyed both on 4K televisions as well as Hi-Vision televisions.

- Videos in this disc can be replayed by chapter from the menu, as well as repeated on loop. ※Logo is not displayed for Blu-ray images.

- Video can be put on automatic replay for use as background video, adding color such as to parties with family and friends, when welcoming guests, or relaxing alone.

- Videos can be viewed in even finer resolution by setting the television's image mode to ""Dynamic"".

- A set of 10 postcards with images from the videos is included. Please use BD-R Blu-ray compatible player.

Planning & Distribution: adwise, Inc. SHARATA Author, Filming, Editing, Design: Arata Matsumoto


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