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Hidden gems -- Breathtaking scenery in Japan[ADW]

Hidden gems -- Breathtaking scenery in Japan[ADW]

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4K Video [HealingBlue] Autumn Leaves Kegon Falls & Oku-Nikko National Park Set of 10 assorted postcards included.

★Enjoy 4K camera images of spectacular views of autumn foliage in Nikko★

The vicinity of the Japan Romantic Road (Nihon Romantic Kaido), which runs from Kegon Falls and Lake Chuzenji to Lake Yuno, is dotted with various scenic spots. The autumn foliage begins in October, slightly earlier than Nikko City, turning the mountains and areas surrounding the rivers into beautiful colors of red and yellow. 

Lake Chuzenji, Lake Yu, Shakunage Bridge, Yu River, Senjogahara, Kegon Falls, Yu Falls, Ryuzu Falls

4K Video [HealingBlue] Healing Superb View 5 Kuroshima BLUE Set of 10 assorted postcards included.

★Enjoy 4K camera images of the beautiful blue sea and skies of Kuroshima Island, which is surrounded by the largest coral reef in Japan★

Kuroshima Island, part of the Yaeyama archipelago, is located in between Ishigaki Island and Iriomote Island. Because it is shaped like a heart, the flat landscape formed by protruding corals is also known as Heart Island. The Ishinishi Lagoon that spreads across waters in the island vicinity is Japan's largest coral reef.

Nishinohama Beach, Moon, Bougainvillea, Miyazato Coast, Nakamoto Coast, Iko Pier, Grassland, Kenwan Kyanwan Beach, Farm

4K Video [HealingBlue] Healing Supurb View 3 Iriomote Island Set of 10 assorted postcards included.

★Enjoy 4K camera images of the coastline and mangroves of Iriomote Island, the Galapagos of the East★

Iriomote Island is an island belonging to Taketomi Town of Yaeyama District in Okinawa Prefecture and is the largest island in the Yaeyama achipelago. About 90% of the island is covered by subtropical natural forest and is often known as the Galapagos of the East, where flora and fauna maintain a unique habitat. The island also has many rivers and waterfalls, offering distinctive views wherever you go.

Shiira River, Urauchigawa Observatory, Urauchi River, Mangroves, Omija River, Hoshisunanohama Beach, Toudoumari Beach, Yaeyamayashi Community, Sonai, Peculiar Tree, Ocean view from Takana, Haemidanohama Beach, Sonai Beach

High-resolution images can be enjoyed both on 4K televisions as well as Hi-Vision televisions.

- Videos in this disc can be replayed by chapter from the menu, as well as repeated on loop. ※Logo is not displayed for Blu-ray images.

- Video can be put on automatic replay for use as background video, adding color such as to parties with family and friends, when welcoming guests, or relaxing alone.

- Videos can be viewed in even finer resolution by setting the television's image mode to ""Dynamic"".

- A set of 10 postcards with images from the videos is included. Please use BD-R Blu-ray compatible player.

Planning & Distribution: adwise, Inc. SHARATA Author, Filming, Editing, Design: Arata Matsumoto


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