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Japan’s magnificent scenery for relaxation[ADW]

Japan’s magnificent scenery for relaxation[ADW]

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4K Video [HealingBlue] Healing Superb View 1 Set of 10 assorted potcards included.

★Enjoy magnificent scenery in 4K camera images that soothes the mind★

Healing Blue presents videos of beautiful scenery that soothes the mind. Nature changes significantly according to the season, climate, and time of the day. There are sceneries that one happens to come upon by coincidence, and there are sceneries that one can only encounter after many many visits. All of that is in Healing Blue.

Lake Chuzenji, Marunuma Marsh, Sugenuma Marsh, Aokigahara Jukai, Thunderhead, Moon, Lake Tanuki, Mount Fuji, Kujukurihama Beach, Lake Yamanaka

4K Video [HealingBlue] Nishizawa Valley in Summer Set of 10 assorted postcards included.

★Enjoy 4K camera images of the scenic spot Nishizawa Gorge★

Located in Yamanashi City in norther Yamanashi prefecture, the valley is part of the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park. Hiking trails wind through the gorge offering splendid views of the many waterfalls and ravines along the way. Toward the end of the trail is the Nanatsugama Godan Falls, one of Japan's 100 most famous waterfalls. 

Okubo Falls, Sanju Falls, Fugu Rock, Unagi Alcove, Jimmen Cavern, Ryujin Falls, Koiito Falls, Sadaizumi Falls, Botai Abyss Downstream, Nanatsugama Godan Falls

4K Video [HealingBlue] Scenic Relaxation Video 4 Hateruma BLUE Set of 10 assorted postcards included.

★Enjoy 4K camera images of the marvelous blue of the skies and the sea of Hateruma, Japan's southernmost inhabited island★

Hateruma Island, part of the Yaeyama archipelago, is Japan's southernmost inhabited island. The island's northern coast features sand beaches with cobalt blue waters such as Nishihama beach, while the southern coast is known for the endless cliffs at the island's southernmost tip. Nishihama ranked 2nd among beaches in Japan in the 2016 ranking of best beachers in the world. 

Nishihama Beach, Hama Saki, Pe Hama Beach, Sugarcane Field, Pemuchi Hama Beach Observatory, The Southernmost Tip of Japan

High-resolution images can be enjoyed both on 4K televisions as well as Hi-Vision televisions.

- Videos in this disc can be replayed by chapter from the menu, as well as repeated on loop. ※Logo is not displayed for Blu-ray images.

- Video can be put on automatic replay for use as background video, adding color such as to parties with family and friends, when welcoming guests, or relaxing alone.

- Videos can be viewed in even finer resolution by setting the television's image mode to ""Dynamic"".

- A set of 10 postcards with images from the videos is included. Please use BD-R Blu-ray compatible player.

Planning & Distribution: adwise, Inc. SHARATA Author, Filming, Editing, Design: Arata Matsumoto


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